Burke Freshman Academy


Burke recognizes the important transition from middle school to high school. Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, as all students enter their high school journey, they will participate in Freshman Academy. They will explore careers and focus on skills for success in high school and beyond. During their freshman year, students will select an academy or a pathway at their school.

We understand that not all students know what they want to do in the future, and that is ok. This evolution of programming gives students the opportunity to explore potential career fields while gaining skills that will be beneficial in their future and lead to high skill, high wage and in-demand jobs. In the proposed Academies and Pathways, some students will find their passion, while others may find something they thought they liked is really not for them. Either way students will learn transferable skills that will help them succeed, no matter their future path. An advantage of being able to explore these opportunities in high school is there isn’t the financial impact to a family there is with college.

How does this work at Burke?

Freshman are divided into three teams.  Each team has dedicated English, Social Studies, Science, and Freshman Seminar teachers.  These teachers meet once a week to check in on EVERY student to make sure each is on the path towards success!
Throughout the course of the year, team building, life skills, and future planning will be worked on in all of their Freshman Academy courses.  Freshman Seminar, a new course designed to support a student's high school career, is dedicated towards helping build those skills.  
Early on, freshman teams will work on devloping their high school identity and understand what they can do to succeed.  As we move into the fall and winter, all freshman will be given opportunities and projects geared toward other pathways they can choose starting Sophmore year.  The goal is to have students experience a little taste of many options - and then help them make their choices as they move forward.
As a Freshman Academy will offer three promises:
Our Freshman will be able to find THEIR people
Our Freshman will be able to find SUCCESS
Our Freshman will be ENGAGED.