Why Choose Business Education?

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At Burke High there are two required Business Classes:

  • (Honors) IT Fundamentals which is taken the Freshman Year and teaches students Technology Skills.
  • (Honors) Personal Finance (graduation requirement beginning with the graduating class of 2019) which is taken the Senior Year and teaches Personal Financial Skills such as balancing a checkbook, money management, and building and maintaining credit.

At Burke offer also offer a number of Business Elective Courses including:


Accounting Courses offered at Burke include Accounting 1-2 (and Honors), Honors Accounting 3-4, and Advanced Accounting. This courses will provide a basic introduction to Accounting Principles and prepare you for a career in Business or Accounting

General Business Courses

General Business Courses offered at Burke include Business Management (and Honors), Honors Entrepreneurship, and Principles of Business, Marketing, and Management (and Honors)

Honors Entrepreneurship and Honors Intro to Business are Dual Enrolled courses which offer students the ability to earn college credit while in high school


Marketing Courses offered at Burke include Marketing 1-2 (and Honors), Marketing 3-4 (and Honors), Entertainment and Sports Marketing (and Honors), and Marketing Internship