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Computer Programming Computer Offerings

(Honors) Intro to Digital Media *New to Burke as of the 2019 school year
This 1 semester course will teach students visual design and animation within the Alice 2 programming platform. Students will use the drag and drop block based program to create virtual worlds and interactive activities.
(Honors) Web Design **This course is dual-enrolled with Metro Community College
This year-long course will teach students how to build and create their own webpages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.
Programming 1-2 *New to Burke as of the 2019 school year
This year-long course will teach students who have no previous programming the basic terminology and thought process required in Computer Science. The course will begin with Scratch based programming and will work into the more advanced programming language, Java. Students with no previous programming experience are recommended to take Programming 1-2 before taking AP Computer Science A.
AP Computer Science A
This year-long course will follow the AP structure and pacing, using the Java programming language, to prepare students to complete the AP Computer Science A Exam in May.

Visual Graphic Computer Offerings

(Honors) Digital Design (Previously known as Intro to Digital Design)
This 1 semester course will teach students a basic understanding of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of Products including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and InDesign. This class requires no previous knowledge or experience with any of programs used.
Advanced Digital Design (Previously known as Digital Media)
This 1 semester course will continue on from the skills learned in Digital Design with more advanced Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, and InDesign lessons. This class requires that students have completed Digital Design before enrolling in Advanced Digital Design

Students who enjoy this pathway are encouraged to take Computer Graphics 1-2, 3-4, or 5-6 to continue advancing their Adobe Graphic Design skills

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Digital Design

Advanced Digital Design