Family and Consumer Science

Mission Statement
Our goal is to guide students and families to the future through the study of relationships, wellness and creative design.

List of Courses Offered:
Human Growth and Development (10th grade requirement)
Honors Human Growth and Development
Honors Child Development 1-2 (optional dual enrolled with Metro Community College)
Honors Child Development 3-4 (optional dual enrolled with Metro Community College)
Family Living 1-2
Computer Design- Fashion 1-2
Computer Design- Fashion 3-4
Clothing and Textiles 1-2
Clothing and Textiles 3-4
Foods 1-2
Culinary Skills 1-2
Sports Nutrition 
Human Services
Introduction to Education (optional dual enrollment with University of Nebraska Omaha)
Teen Parenting (for students who are currently or expecting to be parents)
Parenting (eligible for all students)

Our Courses Are Modern and Adapt with the time:
That is a good thing!