Fine and Performing Arts


The Fine And Performing Arts Department at Burke High School is committed to providing a quality arts education with the combined efforts of students, parents, staff, and community.

Department Goals

  • Recognize and value the connection the arts and their own lives and environments.
  • Recognize the intrinsic and aesthetic value of the arts in their own learning and creative processes.
  • Recognize and investigate the many roles of arts and artists in the past, present and future.
  • Exhibit visual, kinesthetic, auditory, oral, and written communication skills in responding to
    their own artistic expression and that of others
  • Develop criteria based on knowledge and experience in evaluating their own and other's creative expressions.
  • Understand the connections between the arts and other fields of study.
  • Recognize the importance of diversity and equity in the creation, performance, interpretation and evaluation of the arts.
  • Solve problems through the visual and performing arts.
  • Explore careers related to fine and performing arts.