Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology curriculum is geared to providing an action-based program in which students develop insight, understanding, and application of technological concepts, processes, and systems. Students utilize tools, materials, computers, machines, and technological concepts as they develop improved problem-solving abilities. Courses foster skills relating to technical reading and writing, mathematics, oral communications, and group dynamics.


Course Offerings:


  • CAD Design/Engineering (4 years).

  • Materials and Processes (2 years).

  • Engineering Technology (2 years).

  • Home Maintenance

  • Building Construction

ACE Academy: Architecture, Engineering and Construction
This innovative program provides an intense study of architecture, engineering, and construction sciences. The academy features special internships and study at local businesses and colleges.





  • CAD Lab. In this lab students are taught the basic principles of drafting through the use of both board drawing and computer generated drafting techniques. The lab features twenty-four computer work stations, two large screen TV monitors, three printing stations, and a plotting station.

  • Engineering Technology Lab. This new high-tech lab features a networked computer lab for doing CAD and running numerous engineering design programs. The following stations are also found in this lab CNC, robotics, lasers, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and mechanics.

  • Materials and Processes Lab. This lab features tools and power equipment that allows for students to develop skills as they produce projects and prototypes involving woods, metals, and plastics.