Social Studies

Mission Statement

Social Studies education at Burke High School should
prepare all young people to beinformed participants
in our culturally diverse, democratic society,
in an interdependent world.

List of Courses Offered:
Law and Juvenile Justice
United States History
Honors United States History
Advanced Placement United States History
Honors Geography
Advanced Placement Human Geography
Intro to Economics
Honors Intro to Economics
Advanced Placement Economics
African-American History
Modern World History
Advanced Placement World History
American Government
Advanced Placement American Government
Omaha History
Advanced Placement Psychology
Humanities 9th grade
Honors Humanities 10th grade
Honors Academic Decathlon 

Sequence of Required Courses:

9th grade

U.S. History or Honors U.S. History

10th grade

Intro to Economics or Honors Economics and Geography or
Honors Geography or the full year of Advanced Placement Human Geography

11th grade

Modern World History or Advanced Placement World History

12th grade

American Government or Advanced Placement American Government