Special Education

Special Education

Burke’s Special Education Department is designed to give students with disabilities a better chance for success in school, employment, and the community. Placement into a special education program occurs only after academic and/or behavioral evaluations, a multidisciplinary staffing, audit approval, and parent consent. The intent is to provide the maximum amount of participation in the general education setting through implementation of needed accommodations in classrooms.

In addition to specific programs listed below, students may qualify for and participate in speech/language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or the visually impaired program.


Secondary Resource Program

The Secondary Resource Program serves students with a variety of disabilities and provides support to students in their classes. This support may be provided in one of three ways: Level I Support provides a resource period with a focus on developing learning and study strategies. Organizational skills and time management are emphasized, and students are provided assistance with completing assignments. A second way support is provided is through co-taught classes. These classes are taught by a general education teacher and a special education teacher. Both teachers share instructional responsibilities for students. For students who need more accommodations we offer a limited number of special education classes. These classes provide adaptations necessary for student success.

Special Education Class Offerings:

English S 1-2
English S 3-4
English S 5-6
English S 7-8
Biology Fundamentals 1-2
Chemistry Fundamentals 1-2
Physics Fundamentals 1-2
Reading S 1-2
Career Studies 1-2
Work Experience

Behavioral Skills Program (BSP)

The Behavioral Skills Program serves students who have diagnosed behavioral disorders. Student schedules are developed on an individual basis based on academic and behavioral needs. Students are provided social skills training. In instances where it is warranted, students will be mainstreamed for academic classes.

Hearing Impaired Program

Burke houses the secondary Hearing Impaired Program for Omaha Public Schools. Our goal is to increase student independence and facilitate a successful transition to post-secondary education, career, and adult life. Services available to hearing impaired students include: sign language interpreters, note takers, preferential seating, resource assistance, and self-contained instruction from the teacher of the hearing impaired. Students also receive services from vocational rehabilitation specialists, speech and language therapists, and audiologists, as needed. Students may also participate in the Work Experience Program offered by OPS to learn basic employability skills and earn credits toward their high school diploma.

Multihandicapped Program

The Multihandicapped Program at Burke serves students with both physical and cognitive disabilities. Our goal is to promote independence and prepare each student for adult life. Students work on functional life skills and functional academics in the classroom and community. Students also learn a variety of job skills by taking part in community - based work awareness and work experience, as appropriate.

Work Experience Program

Any special education junior or senior qualifies for the Work Experience Program. Students are referred to Work Experience personnel who then process the referral. Students may earn up to 3 credits/semester. These are considered as elective credits toward graduation. Students who work part-time are required to attend weekly meetings with Work Experience personnel. Failure to attend these meetings may result in loss of credit. Students who need to develop their employment skills will be placed at a training site. Placement at a training site takes 3 periods out of the student’s daily schedule. Student progress is monitored, and a new training site is provided each semester.