Welcome to the Burke High School Cheerleading Web Page.

"Good news! Burke Cheer Tryouts will be held on Wednesday June 24th!
Please follow the steps below!
Complete the following application by 6/22

  2. This application has several sections and must be answered truthfully. Please take your time to answer every question completely and honestly.

Learn the Tryout Material - June 24th will only be used for tryouts. Tryout material will not be taught or reviewed in person. You will learn all material at home independently through videos. You will be asked to perform the following material.:

  1. Kick of Choice (either right or left)
  2. Toe Touch
  3. Jump of Choice (Herkie, Hurdler, Pike)
  4. UCA Dance
    1. Back:
    2. Front:
    3. Teach:
  5. UCA Cheer
    1. Back:
    2. Front:
    3. Teach:
  6. Words will be changed to fit Burke.
    “Bulldogs, Bulldogs, let’s get loud
    Name the Team that makes you proud
    We are Burke
    Bulldogs, Bulldogs, let’s get loud
    Yell the colors that make you proud
    Black and Gold
    We are Burke
    Black and Gold”
  7. If you have any tumbling and feel comfortable showing it, you will be asked to do so at the end of the tryout. Tumbling is NOT required.

Reserve a tryout time. Tryouts will be held June 24th from 8:00-11:00 in 15 minute increments. We will try our absolute best to schedule everyone in their preferred time. Complete this survey by Friday 6/19. You will receive a schedule on Monday 6/22.

If you are unable to attend tryouts, or do not feel comfortable doing so, please email me before 6/18 so we can set up an alternative option.

We will be following OPS and Nebraska COVID-19 Guidelines and that changes a few things. First, tryouts will be held outside on Burke's campus. The exact place will be determined closer to the date. Second, no outside judges will be present. All tryouts will be filmed by coaches and reviewed by the judging panel externally. This means we will not be announcing our team until 6/25.

Everyone will receive an email on 6/22 with a schedule and instructions. If you have any questions at all, please email Amelia Howard at or Holly Murphy at"