Scholarships are very similar to applying for college due to the fact that they are not all the same and may require different information depending on the organization.  Some scholarships require items such as a photo, essay, letter(s) of recommendation, resume, or a counselor page; this varies from scholarship to scholarship.  In addition to scholarships from independent organizations, many colleges and universities use the application that is required for admission for their scholarships/financial aid packages.  Colleges will likely offer more scholarship opportunities on their financial aid web pages for first-year students.  Make sure you research this information by checking the college's website (see admissions and financial aid sections), or by contacting these offices directly for scholarship opportunities and associated deadlines.

It is very important to stress is the importance of deadlines and following procedures when applying for scholarships.  Scholarship committees go through numerous applications - a definite way of 'weeding out' applicants is by eliminating late applications.  If the stated deadline for a scholarship is March 15, yet a student submits his or her application on March 16, this student will not be considered for the scholarship, regardless of whether he or she is a worthy applicant.  In addition to both college or scholarship deadlines, the assigned counselors at Burke High School need a minimum of 5 working days prior to the stated deadline to make certain that an application will be processed on time!   It is possible that there are several components or steps to an application process before it is ready to be mailed to colleges/scholarship committees.   It is not uncommon for the Counseling Department to process over 50 applications on a given day; this is in addition to classroom lessons and other counselor responsibilities.  Please be sure to stay organized with regard to deadlines and keeping counselors and teachers informed of your intent to apply for particular scholarships.




The process of searching for scholarships has changed dramatically over the past several years. There are many great websites that provide free scholarship searches for students.  Please consult the Burke High College Planning Guide For Seniors to see additional scholarship databases. The number of scholarships out there can be quite overwhelming - try to sift through the scholarships that do not matter to you.  It is nearly impossible to apply to every scholarship found on these websites. Channel your efforts to make sure you are applying for scholarships for which you qualify.  It is recommended that students start with local and state scholarships before seeking national scholarship awards.  Also, beware of any scholarship application or service that charges a fee as this is considered an unethical practice and possibly could be a scam.
ScholarshipQuest is an EducationQuest database specifically created for students in Nebraska.  This is a great place to start your search as over 2,000 Nebraska-based scholarships are advertised.
Fastweb is one of the nation's largest scholarship databases that contains hundreds of thousands of scholarships worth several billion dollars. After one has signed up for a free account, Fastweb will provide a list of the national scholarships based on the data you have provided. 

GoodCall which is quickly becoming the most popular scholarship search site among students and universities across the country.



An award letter is the statement from either a college or scholarship committee that gives information about scholarship(s) that have been offered to a student.  At Burke High, it is requested that seniors bring award letter(s) to the Counseling Center for 3 reasons:
  1. In May, the Omaha World Herald has a special edition in the paper that recognizes students from metropolitan schools who have earned scholarships.
  2. On Burke High's Honors & Awards Night, all scholarship award winners (along with scholarship names) will be included in the program booklet. 
  3. Burke High's College Counselors document a total dollar amount awarded to each senior class.
Burke High wants to give all our students the appropriate recognition for their accomplishments.  We request students to bring every award letter that they have received regardless of whether they plan on attending the school or not.  All financial information is kept completely confidential and is only used for the aforementioned reasons.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and letters can be brought in as they are received.  All letters are returned to seniors at Honors & Awards Night; copies can be made before this date by student request.  All letters received must be turned in no later than the 3rd week of April if they are to be included in the World-Herald and the Honors & Awards Night program booklet. 



Naviance Family Connection is the computer based program that will be utilized by Burke High to communicate numerous scholarship options for OPS seniors.  Click on the 'college' tab to view the district scholarship list at the bottom of the page.  Access Naviance Family Connection via the front page of the Burke High website - click on the icon that says Naviance.  A student's username is his or her 6 digit student ID number; the password is his or her 8 digit birthday.  Students are encouraged to change their password each semester by clicking on 'manage my account' at the top of the page.


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