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All information on this page should be considered tentative and subject to change.

1. Why are we implementing a One-to-One program?
Technology is an integral part to learning today. Having access to a computer 24 hours a day provides students with access to supportive materials and allows them to be content creators at any time. As part of this plan, the district is replacing all the computers in secondary buildings. With this opportunity, Burke has chosen to implement a one-to-one strategy, that is, to provide each student with a laptop that can be taken home. 
2. What FORMS do I need to complete to receive the laptop?
These two forms must be completed and returned to the school. If enrolling in the Voluntary Device Protection Plan, a cash, money order or check (made out to Burke High School) in the amount of $20.00 is also needed. Students who do not have a contract already on file can pick one up during advisement.
The link opens a single document that contains both forms.
Parent/Guardian Technology Use Responsibilities - includes information on the Voluntary Device Protection Plan. and Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Guidelines
3. When will students receive a computer?
Current plans call for the distribution of laptops to begin August 19th.
4. What type of computer will be provided to students?
HP Stream 11
5. What software will be installed on the computer or accessible via the internet?
The latest version of Microsoft Office will be installed on all computers. Additional software will be installed as required by the curriculum. Filter software will also be installed to provide the same type of safe internet surfing at home as a student experiences at North.
6. Will there be desktop computers also available in select classes?
Yes; CAD, journalism, computer science and possibly others will still have shared desktop computers due to the type of software required for those classes.
7. What if the parent and/or student doesn't want the child to participate?
The classroom will rely on the use of the computer and its associated software and internet access. It is strongly suggested that the student participate in the One-to-One program. It is important to note that it is the student’s responsibility to gain and maintain access to the associated software to do their work.
8. What if the student forgot to charge the computer at home?
It is the student's responsibility to bring a fully-charged computer to school every day.
9. What if I forget my computer at home?
It is the student's responsibility to bring your computer to school every day. If you forget, you can always use a paper and pencil to complete some assignments.
10. Can I "personalize" the computer?
No, stickers may not be affixed to the computer, nor may you "personalize" it with a marker or anything else.
11. Repair
Computer repair will be handled by the school district. Computers needing repair should be brought to Tech Dept. (Pam Fletemeyer) at Burke
12. Can the student add his/her personal software to the student computer?
13. Will the computer be filtered when used outside of school?
Yes, the same filter that protects your computer from inappropriate contact at school during the day will also be active when used at home.
14. Where does a student go for assistance with the computer?
The Burke Tech Dept. will handle assistance calls during the school day. We will also have a student led support group that will be able to assist during lunch periods.
15. Is there a insurance program available to help cover the cost of repairs?
Yes, there is an insurance plan that can be purchased for $20.00 per year.
16. Does the insurance plan cover gross negligence?
No, the insurance plan does not cover gross negligence nor lost items. For example, a lost power adapter is not covered by the insurance plan.
17. What is the student's responsibility in the case of a loss or stolen computer?
Immediately report the loss to Burke High School Administration.
18. Will students receive a new computer each school year?
No, students will use the same computer for his/her time at Burke.
19. What happens if a student transfers from one school to another?
The computer must be returned to the original school and another unit is received from the new school.
20. What is OneDrive and why should a student use it?
OneDrive is online storage for your files. It is where students should save all their work.
21. Will I be able to connect the computer to my home WiFi system?
22. What if I don't have Internet access at home?
If you do not have internet access at home you will still be able to use your computer by saving files to a USB pen drive or to your local desktop.
23. Can I connect the school computer to my home printer?
This is our goal but further testing is required.

You can submit a question about Burke’s program by emailing it to Jodi.nielsen@ops.org

In order for a student to have a laptop, they must have a fully filled out contract on file at Burke.  If a student took their laptop home over the summer, they should have a contract on file.  If not, they will need to submit a new one to Pam Fletemeyer in our tech office. 

You may print your own copy of the insurance form and contract by clicking on the links below.

These links open the 2020-21 Updated forms:


If you choose to purchase the Voluntary Device Protection Program, both forms must be completed.


You can submit a question about Burke’s program by emailing it to Jodi.nielsen@ops.org