Parking Permits

Parking Permits

Junior and Senior Burke students may park in the school parking lot after obtaining a parking permit.

To obtain a permit, the student needs to bring the following documents and $25.00 in check or cash to the bookstore window.

·         Valid Driver’s License

·         Current registration or notarized bill of sale in the case of a newly purchased vehicle for the vehicle student will be driving

·         Current Proof of Insurance for the same vehicle

·         $25.00 in check or cash

Temporary Parking Pass

Occasionally, a student may need to drive another vehicle to school.  On those days, the student must obtain a temporary parking pass in order to park in the Burke parking lot.  He or she needs to bring the same information to the bookstore window prior to parking in the lot. There is no charge for temporary parking passes as long as the student has a valid Burke parking pass.

Parking Fines

When a student parks breaks any of the rules for parking a ticket will be issued by security.  The first and second parking ticket are $10.00 each and $15.00 for each additional ticket. Failure to pay the fine will result in the student having a hold placed on their report card.

After you Receive your Permit

·         Parking permit decal must be placed inside the front windshield, on the passenger side, in the lower corner. The number must be visible from the outside when you stick the decal to the windshield.

·         Do not lose your decal – there is a $25.00 replacement fee if you lose it.

·         If your windshield needs to be replaced or you get a different vehicle, bring your original decal (even in little pieces) to the Burke Store and we will give you a new decal for your new windshield or new vehicle.

·         To avoid receiving parking tickets, DO NOT park in areas designed by signs or painted lines as “Staff Parking” or “Reserved Parking”.  This includes the first three rows of parking closest to the school.