School Counselors

 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
Anne Beacom School Social Worker   402-557-3208 
Ashleigh Weaver School Counselor   402-557-3225  E, H, L, Y Counselor
Donald Ferree School Counselor   402-557-3222  N, T, U, V, W Counselor
Hope Smejkal School Counseling Director     402-557-3220    A, F, X Counselor
Kimberly Schumacher   School Counselor     402-557-3221  M, Q Counselor
Lalia Hart School Counselor   402-557-3224  B, P Counselor
Maricela Regan   Secretary     402-557-3227 
Micaela Moriarty School Counselor   402-557-3228   J, K, R Counselor
Nadine Reyes    School Counselor   402-557-3226  C, G, O Counselor
Susan Richards School Counselor   402-557-3223  D, I, S, Z Counselor
Teresa Johnson   Para-Professional     402-557-3236 


Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Burke High School is dedicated to providing exemplary education through the collaborative efforts of students, parents, staff, and community.