ACE Scholarship Instructions

ACE and Dual Enrollment Changes for 17-18

ATTENTION STUDENT and FAMILIES who are in one or more Dual Enrollment eligible classes:
Each student is now limited to two total classes covered by Access College Early (ACE) Scholarship* for the whole 2017-18 school year. We are hosting registration for UNO dual enrollment on August 23-24 in the Burke Library, during the classes where students are eligible for dual enrollment, and Midland dual enrollment in AP World History classes on August 30-31. I have included a list of courses that are eligible for DE and teachers’ names so you can see if your student is eligible for dual enrollment opportunities on the back of this handout. If students are in these courses, and eligible for free/reduced lunch or have a family financial hardship, they need to fill out the new FRAM and turn it in to nutrition services asap. Once they are approved for Free/Reduced Lunch for 2017-18, students/families need to choose which 2 classes they want to dual enroll with, if they can be covered by ACE or other funds that you are providing, before they apply for dual enrollment.

Cost to dual enroll:

  • UNO and Midland: $250 per class (If the class is an AP class, the cost of DE covers the cost of the AP test. Students must register for and take the AP test if dual enrolled, with or without ACE).
  • Metro: $44 per class

Please note, our partnership with Nebraska Wesleyan University, for AP Language and Composition (11th grade) has been discontinued.

*Applying for ACE doesn't guarantee award of the scholarship. When a student/family dual enrolls with any college or university, the student/parent/guardian assumes the financial responsibility of the agreement with or without scholarships being applied.

Click HERE to access Instructions for checking that status of your ACE Application

ACE Scholarship Process

Flow Chart of ACE Process

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