Burke Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses allow students to enroll concurrently in a college section related to, and while attending, classes at Burke High School. Students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for their efforts. Since the list below for the complete 2017-18 Dual Enrollment course offerings at Burke High. 

Upcoming Events

Did you miss the Burke College Credit night? Do you want more information about your dual enrollment eligible courses through UNO? You can still attend a session at Westside High School (in the auditorium; 8701 Pacific Street) on September 11 at 6:30 pm. You can also talk to your Midland, Metro, or UNO dual enrollment teachers at Burke.

Dual Enrollment sign ups for Midland will be on September 10/11 in AP Language and Composition (11th grade), AP European History, and AP World History. Midland sign up is on a paper application and requires a parent/guardian signature.

Dual enrollment signs ups for UNO will be on September 26/27 and will be done during class and online using student laptops. Students need to have a current parent/guardian email account in order to obtain parent permission via a confirmation email. The following Burke classes are eligible for UNO DE: AP Physics 1, C: Electricity and Magnetism, and C: Mechanics, Honors Nuclear Science, AP Human Geography, AP Art History, AP German, AP Biology, AP English Literature (12th grade), AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP Studio Art (12th graders) 2-D, 3-D, and Drawing, AP Government: U.S, AP Calc A/B,B/C, Introduction to Education, History of Aviation, Intro to Aviation and Aerospace, Intro to Powered Flight: Private Pilot Ground School, Creative Writing 1, and Honors Marketing 3-4.

Email Jane.Luethge@ops.org with questions

2017-2018 Dual Enrollment Courses